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Concrete Cutting

Then we have concrete precast basement stairs block concrete construction, but this method possesses even less of the real characteristics of concrete precast basement stairs. It is, in fact, purely a work in artificial stone. Very few attempts have been made to treat concrete precast basement stairs blocks with any artistic sense; when it has been done, however, using large blocks finished reproducing stone and designing all features just as for stone, it has been shown to be not without scope.

However, it is unproductive of new thought in design, beyond the matter of finish to reproduce something else. The first of the characteristics of concrete precast basement stairs as an architectural material is its plasticity. Technical language adopts the term "pouring into the concrete forms," which concisely implies the impressionable nature of the medium, while it describes the actual method of emplacement.

Such material calls naturally for molded, flowing concrete forms growing out of the body material, in contrast to the principle of detachment of concrete forms and the putting together of them in small units, which ideas govern architectural concrete construction and ornament in stone.  Concrete precast basement stairs structure is not merely plastic but lends itself to treatment in large masses; it is monolithic.

The Basics of Concrete Cutting

This is the second characteristic of general import, carrying with it the distinction we have just noted. The indication of joints is of course illogical, because such would be merely a pretense of what does not actually exist.

It will be seen from these tendencies that logical form, as it may be expressed architecturally in concrete precast basement stairs, makes for severity and simplicity, in all former styles the emphasis of joint lines has been a favorite mode of expression. In this new material plain surface must be mostly depended upon. Conventional form, as it has been handed down to us, is permeated with the feeling of the cutters tools.

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